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The Pilot XT tablet coater has been specifically designed to handle smaller batches of tablets for aqueous coating. In addition to its manual controls it is fitted with a semi-automatic control system which adjusts the speed of the peristaltic pump. You simply enter the required exhaust ‘set point’ and the controller will maintain it for the duration of the process, it is also possible to switch between automatic and manual control at any time. The Pilot XT is fitted with an internal inlet air blower with automatic speed and heat control. By entering a negative value the pan pressure controller accurately maintains a ‘set point’ value throughout the process.

There has been no compromise in the build of our coaters. All product contact parts are manufactured using 316 stainless steel. The pan drive motor and gearbox have been selected to stand the test of time and are of a high quality. Cleaning is made simple as the pan can easily and quickly be removed from the machine. The coating pan is retained within the outer drum by means of a thumb wheel, that can easily be unscrewed, allowing it to be removed from the drive shaft.

At the heart of the Pilot XT is the ‘Eycon’ Visual Supervisor. It provides innovative, multi-function control, recording and visualization - bringing expertise in control, data acquisition and process automation into a single process management unit. It is fitted to both the standard Pilot XT and the Pilot XT-DL.

The Pilot XT-DL data logging version monitors and records all the process coating parameters. This version is supplied with a Laptop computer pre-loaded with FDA CFR 21 compliant software.